The Kaiser at the Somme, July 18, 1916

The Battles in the West

The Kaiser in the Battle Zone of the Somme

(Own Telegraphic Report)

Trench in the Vosges, 40 meters from the enemy
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges,1914/1916)

Central Headquarters, July 16, evening (Official).

His Majesty the Kaiser once again spent time in the battle zone at the Somme. He accepted the messages regarding previous operations from the Commander-in-Chief of the army and had a meeting with the Head of the General Staff of the Field Army en route.

During his visits to the field hospitals, the Kaiser awarded severely wounded soldiers the Iron Cross.

As he has done so often in his visits to the battles at the Maas in recent times, he also expressed at the Somme his recognition and thanks to the brave troops.

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