The English Setback in Delville Wood, July 24, 1916

The English Setback in Delville Wood

!! Kopenhagen July 21

King Ludwig of Bavaria and the German Crown Prince yesterday inspected an honorary unit (western theater of war)
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges 1914/1916)

The "National Tidende" reported from Paris: The Germans were well prepared for the new joint French-English attack that commenced with artillery fire in the afternoon of the day before yesterday. Since yesterday, the infantry has also been involved. The Germans preempted the Allies' new advance by aiming a heavy attack against the English's right-hand wing. The place of attack was extremely wisely chosen as it was the point where the English and the French were consolidated. The Germans attacked only one position from 2 kilometers, with massive artillery fire. The result was that the English had to withdraw, but the Germans were not able to continue their advance.

In today's "Times", the English setback on the right-hand wing in Delville Wood is admitted quite openly and the high number of victims that the minimum advance at Boisselle and Ovillers has cost has also been reported.

The English Lists of Casualities from July 1 to July 18 have named altogether 8,421 officers and 42,740 men, including non-commissioned officers, as dead, wounded and missing.

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