The English Attack at Fromelles and Delville Wood, July 21, 1916

The World War

Latest Official War Report - WTB. Central Headquarters July 20, Official

Western Theater of War

Entrance to the village of Fromelles in the area of
the English offensive in the West, where the Bavarians
repelled heavy English attacks on July 19, 1916
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges, 1914/1916)

Between the ocean and the Ancre, frequent lively fire and numerous patrol operations.

The English attacked our positions with considerable force to the north and west of Fromelles. They were repelled and where they were successful in penetrating, they were repulsed in counter-attacks. We were able to capture more than 300 prisoners, including a number of officers.

Fierce new battles are raging on both sides of the Somme. To the north of the river, they started yesterday afternoon with heavy English attacks against Longueval and Delville Wood, which the enemy once again infiltrated. They had to give way to our counter-attack. They still hold parts of the village and the forest.

This morning, the French attacks started along the entire Front, from Foureaux Wood to the Somme. The first heavy storm attack was broken. To the south of the river, the French attacked twice unsuccessfully in the area of Belloy and were pushed back three times this morning in the section Estrees-Soyecourt with heavy losses. They were repulsed from an overhanging trench near Soyecourt in bayonet combat. The artillery is deploying maximum force on both banks of the Somme.

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