The French Charge at Estrées-Soyecourt, Heavy Fighting at Pozières, July 26, 1916

Recommencement of the English Attack 

Latest Official War Report - WTB. Central Headquarters July 25, Official

Western Theater of War

His Excellency von Lochow (marked by X), Commanding General
of the Brandenburg Army Corps in the West
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges, 1914/1916)

To the north of the Somme, the English-French forces were brought together at the Pozières-Manre Front for a decisive thrust after the failed attack of July 22. The attempt once again broke down at various positions, partially during fire and following heavy close combat, in particular to the east of Pozières at Foureaux Wood, Longueval and Guillemont.

The Brandenburg Grenadiers and the brave Saxons of Reserve Regiment 104 once again proved themselves magnificently.

To the south of the Somme, the French simultaneously led heavy charges in the section of Estrées-Soyecourt, but only gained ground temporarily to the south of Estrées, Elsewhere the charges were smashed with heavy and bloody losses for the enemy.

Intermittent heavy artillery battle in the area of the Maas. Insignificant hand grenade combat to the left of the river, To the right of the river, the enemy repeatedly attempted to reconquer the "Kalte Erde" ridge but were repulsed in curtain fire.

To the north of Balischweiler (Alsace), a German patrol captured 30 prisoners from the French trench.

Leutnant Baldamus shot down a French bi-plane to the south of Binarville, thus putting his 4th opponent out of action.

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