Extremely Heavy English Losses at the Thiepval-Guillemont Front, July 25, 1916

The World War

Latest Official War Report - WTB. Central Headquarters July 24, Official

Western Theater of War

A wickerwork barricade in a
German trench in the West
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges 1914/1916)

Apparently, the English attacks at the Thiepval-Guillemont Front reported yesterday were carried out by parts of 11 English divisions, several of whom were hastily called in from other Fronts. The enemy was only able to achieve one advantage along the entire line - the capture of several houses in Pozières - by suffering extremely heavy and bloody losses. As yet we have not been able to oust them. The heavy counterblow dealt to the enemy in Longueval was in glorious rememberance of the Brandenburg Grenadiers of Douaumont. To the south-west of Guillemont, we captured 3 officers and 141 men from a gravel pit in which the enemy had temporarily settled.

To the south of the Somme, minor French operations at Soyecourt and to the west of Vermandovillers failed in our fire.

The artillery battles are abating intermittently. According to current information, we have been able to capture 68 machine guns since July 15.

To the right of the Maas, artillery battle on both sides has increased several times to enormous intensity. There was no infantry activity here.

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