Support The War Effort


You can help the war effort by contributing to some of the charities currently available.
Germany's Fund for the Protection of Infants and Small Children (Deutschlands Spende für Säuglings- und Kleinkinderschutz) is a worthy cause.

Buy War Bonds!

Every Reichsmark subscribed works towards victory!

The war bonds are the financial basis of our strength. They help our unrivalled armed forces and our navy to achieve victory over our enemies and thus to precipitate peace.

Subscribe to the war bonds, thus safeguarding your capital and high interest rates - while at the same time helping the Fatherland in its most difficult hour.

Not subscribing as much as is possible for you means that you are impairing our military strength and thus strengthening the confidence and the might of our enemies. 

Every Reichsmark denied strengthens the enemy!

Public Donations

Public donations

for our prisoners of war and civilian prisoners abroad

under the patronage of Her Majesty the Empress Auguste Vittoria.

End of collection: July 9.

The local collection points are advertized by posters; even the smallest offerings are welcome:

Many a little makes a mickle
United we will achieve our goal.

The Local Committee of the Red Cross

Theater Performances

Patriotic Theater Performance

in Ettlingen's Festival Town Hall
on Saturday, July 28, 1916 at 8 pm

For the benefit of the war wounded charity by the
members of the Reserve Lazaret in Ettlingen.

Tickets: Stalls 2 Marks, I. seats 1.50 Marks, II. seats
(unnumbered) 1 Mark, Standing 50 Pfennigs

For the Military from Sergeant and lower, as well
as for children, tickets half-price

Advance booking: Julius Schmitt, Ettlingen bookshop.
Phone no. 104

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