Longueval and Delville Farm Recaptured from the English, July 20, 1916

The World War

Latest Official War Report - WTB. Central Headquarters July 19, Official

Western Theater of War

German storm troops march past the German Kaiser and
Crown Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges, 1914/1916)

At the Somme, the Magdeburg Infantry Regiment Nr. 26 and the Altenburg Regiment last night recaptured the village of Longueval and the farm of Delville, which borders on the village to the east, from the English.

In a fierce battle with heavy losses, we captured 8 officers, 280 men and a considerable number of machine guns. Enemy attacks against our position to the north of Pozières were suppressed by barrage fire and were not in the least successful at any point.

To the south of the Somme, French attacks to the north of Barleux and at Bolloy failed; at other points, they did not progress beyond their initial attempts.

To the right of the Maas, the enemy continued their unsuccessful efforts against our line at the "Kalte Erde". To the north of Ban de Sapt, a German patrol operation was successful.

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