The Price of Blood of the Offensive, July 28, 1916

The Third Phase of the Battle at the Somme

Modern protective weapons: The steel waistcoat of
an English captain which saved him from certain death
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges 1914/1916)

Rotterdam, July 27, TU. The war correspondent who works for "The Times" and the "Daily News" in the English headquarters has sent his newspapers a detailed telegram containing only very little positive news. One believes that the Germans, after they cleared Pozières, have now occupied a new stronghold in the forest extending as far as the road to Bapaume. With the capture of Pozières, the second phase of the Battle at the Somme is deemed to be finished; the third phase will commence forthwith. This correspondent also reports that the Germans have received further reinforcements of heavy artillery.

The Price of Blood of the Offensive

Hamburg, July 27 (TU). The newspaper "Hamburger Fremdenblatt" reports from The Hague: "According to well-informed French sources, the English losses in dead and wounded in the few days up to mid-July is estimated at well above 100,000 men. Since then, the number of additional troops brought in has further increased, so that the number of losses with regard to the growing intensity of battles must have reached at least 150,000 to 170,000 men".

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