German Explosion Destroys English Bastion at Comines-Ypres Canal, July 27, 1916

The World War

Latest Official War Report - WTB. Central Headquarters July 26, Official

Western Theater of War

Telegraph station on a Farman bi-plane
(Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges 1914/1916)

A German explosion has destroyed the large English bastion at the Comines-Ypres canal, together with its crew.

To the north of the Somme, the English are staying at Pozières, following heavy fighting. Further east at Foureaux Wood and at Longueval, minor enemy advances have been repulsed. At Trones Wood, aggressive intentions were discerned and thwarted by fire.

To the south of the Somme, we held ground gained to the south-west of La Maisonnette Farm in the night of July 25, against French attempts to reconquer it. Heavy close combat took place yesterday to the south of Estrées.

At the Hill La Fille Morte (Argonne), the French occupied a crater they had blown up, but were buried by a German counter-attack shortly after.

To the left of the Maas, our troops made some minor progress at Hill 304. Artillery fire took place during the night to the right of the river in the area of Fort Thiaumont.

Enemy patrols were repulsed at several points along the Front.

To the north of the Somme, two enemy planes were brought down in our lines by infantry and machine gun fire, one of them on fire after aerial combat, in the area of Luneville. A French bi-plane was shot down by a direct hit from an anti-aircraft gun in the direction of Fort Souville on July 24. 

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